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DAY 1 - Monday May 20 


Community Service Grant (CSG) Clinic

Andrew Charnik, CPB Director of Radio CSG Policy and Administration

Forrest Lillibridge, CPB Director of Grants and Administration

Ken Goulet, CPB Senior Financial Specialist

Imad Khalid, CPB Senior Financial Specialist

Brian Wadsworth, NPM Financial Director

Kyler Edsitty, NPM Program Coordinator

DAY 2 - Tuesday May 21 

Keynote Speaker - Empowering Native Broadcasters in an Evolving Media Landscape

Ernesto Aguilar, KQED Executive Director of Radio Programming and Content Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation | Cultural Crossroads: Expanding Audiences Through Inclusive Storytelling

Shawn Spruce, Host, Native America Calling

Antonia Gonzales, Managing Editor & Host and Producer, National Native News

Alexis Sallee, Indigefi Filmmaker & Radio Host, Indigefi

KIYE FM Radio – Nez Perce Tribal Radio Station | Honoring Heritage: The Power of Indigenous Radio

Daniel Spaulding, KIYE FM Radio Coordinator, Nez Perce Tribe

Tom Williamson, KIYE FM Broadcast Tech II, Nez Perce Tribe

Foster Garvey P.C. | Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the FCC (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Brad Deutsch, Partner. Foster Garvey P.C.

Mountain West News Bureau (MWNB) | Building a Successful Collaboration

Dave Rosenthal, MWNB Managing Editor

Loris Taylor, Native Public Media President/CEO

Jaclyn Sallee, Koahnic Broadcast Corporation President/CEO

Native Public Media (NPM) | Underwriting 101

Kyler Edsitty, Program Coordinator, Native Public Media

Koahnic Broadcast Corporation (KBC) | A $400 Emergency

Shawn Spruce, Host, Native America Calling

The Native Public Media Kinship App: A New Approach to Emergency Management

Kyler Edsitty, Program Coordinator, Native Public Media

Vincent Davis, Sr. Director of Disaster Services for Feeding America and Founder-President of Preparedness Matters, LLC

The Next Generation Warning System Grant (NGWS)

Faisal Khan, Executive Director of the Next Generation Warning System Grant

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