Reflections and Looking Forward from Native Public Media

A Hopi farmer once said that in order to move forward, we must look back to where we’ve been. 2019 was largely about collaboration, partnerships, and extending the benefits of Native Public Media’s network of 59 radio and 4 television stations. Here are some highlights.

We demonstrated that Native peoples have the agency to tell their own narratives as we chart our collective media destiny. During the Andy Harvey Youth Journalism and Broadcast Workshop we celebrated our youth in media and piloted our First Amendment Curriculum with young minds. We joined conversations about solutions journalism, and convened television broadcasters at the National Association of Broadcasters conference boosting the reach of our network. The National Federation of Community Broadcasters contributed 90 ideas in 90 minutes at our 2019 Native Broadcast Summit as we welcomed our brothers and sisters from Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples Television Network knowing we are all stronger together.