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Submission Deadline - EXTENDED      January 31, 2019

Notification of Selections                       February 1, 2019

Native Public Media is soliciting proposals for session presenters and leaders

for our 2019 Native Broadcast Summit in the following track areas that align 

with our 2019 theme, Native Voices • Native Media • Native Truths.  



1. Station operations sessions should focus on successful practices, systems, or strategies for station operations, for example:

  • Compliance (i.e. CSG, FCC, new federal policies)

  • Fundraising – beyond the membership drive

  • Financial management

  • Institutional development including strategic planning, working with a board of directors, development of policies, etc.


2. Technology and media sessions should focus on technology available for stations that can improve station operations and programming, for example:

  • Content and resource sharing

  • Multimedia challenges and opportunities (e.g. drones, podcasts, creating a newsroom)

  • Recording and digital archiving practices

  • Freedom of press (i.e. interviewing best practices)

  • Capacity building in technical skills in production, maintenance of radio equipment, etc.


3. Community engagement sessions should focus on specific topics that will help station staff to increase their knowledge and/or allow a sharing of experiences, for example:

  • Collaboration between stations and/or mentoring and training other broadcasters

  • Youth development/Youth radio

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Developing resilience strategies, Self-Care practices, Mindful and Work Culture, etc. 



Tribal radio and television station broadcasters and professionals, including both commercial and non-commercial broadcasters, recipients of the Community Service Grant through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and Tribal media creators (i.e. journalists, reporters, producers, etc.).



  • We do not offer honorariums or travel support for presenters.

  • Presenters agree to be photographed/videotaped for NPM’s use to promote the Native Broadcast Summit.

  • Presenters are required to register and attend the Summit. Registration will open November 1, 2018.



Consider which format below will be the most appropriate for your session topic, best involve the audience, and create the most effective learning opportunity. 

  1. Clinic:  A session that offers coaching with professionals on a specific specialized topic. 

  2. Talking Circles:  A session on specific issues with three or more leaders to moderate the group conversation.

  3. Panel:  A session with three to four presenters in a moderated panel discussion, followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A. Panelists should be diverse with up to three media industry experts who represent different perspectives and opinions in a given area. 

  4. Workshop:  A session emphasizing participation and interaction, with one or more hands-on activities, in-depth and advanced level of information that revolves around a particular topic or skill and enables participants to gain more expertise in their particular area of interest.



Total combined session will be 90 minutes – 80-minute presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A.   Write your proposal in a word document and provide the following information:

  1. Session Leader/Contact: Identify one session leader (contact) who will be responsible for the organization and management of the session.

  2. Select Summit Track:   a) Stations operations            b) Technology and media             c) Community engagement  

  3. Select Summit Format:   a) Clinic             b) Talking Circles           c) Panel            d) Workshop

  4. Session Title: 15 word maximum. Be descriptive but concise.

  5. Session Objectives: Provide 2 learning objectives.  What will participants take away from your session?

  6. Session Summary: 50-word maximum. This paragraph will describe your session in the printed Summit program. Please be clear about what you will cover and ensure your summary is free of grammatical errors and typos.

  7. Session Description: 200-word maximum. Describe the session in more detail for the Summit Program Planning Committee. What topics will be covered? What will happen during the session? What will people do? What are your learning goals?

  8. Presenter Bios: Write a 75 word bio for all presenters, making sure that their names, titles, organizations, and contact information is correct. 

  9. Audiovisual Information:  The meeting space will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, podium, and a fixed podium microphone and wireless microphones.  Presenters will be responsible to bring their own laptop, power cord and any proprietary cords.  If you have any audiovisual requirements beyond what will be provided, indicate your needs here.


  • The topic contributes to the advancement of broadcasters and media makers.

  • Session content demonstrates timely, strategic, and/or innovative thinking.

  • The description clearly articulates learning objectives and/or takeaways.

  • Speakers and panelists are appropriate for the session and represent multiple perspectives.

  • Session actively involves the audience, in a manner appropriate to the session format and content.



Please contact Melissa Begay, Operations Manager with any questions at or 928.853.2302.  Submit your proposal to Melissa via email by January 31, 2019.

Download the PDF Call for Proposal here.

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