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To promote the self-determination of Indigenous peoples through media access, storytelling, and ownership.

Founded in 2004, Native Public Media (NPM) provides services that encourage the expansion and strengthening of Native media through platforms that are community-based, local, and democratic. NPM, as a national center, provides leadership, centralized resources, and strategic and coordinated approaches to successfully strengthen the Native Broadcast System.  These services include broadcast licensing guidance, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) compliance, station operations guidance, legal guidance, broadcast leadership training and education, and telecommunications and communications policymaking.

Over the past eighteen years, NPM has grown a network of 57 Native radio stations and 4 television stations.  Native stations play a vitally important role in the communities they serve. Native stations serve as an essential source of news, deliver critically important health information, provide a forum for discussion and debate around the issues that affect their communities, broadcast life-saving information in times of emergencies, air extensive cultural content, promote language preservation, and provide jobs as part of the local economy.

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