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NPM’s Training and Education Program integral to the capacity building of the Native radio and television broadcast personnel in serving the public with confidence and success. Training for youth serves as a pipeline from high school to college. NPM’s training catalog includes a) Emergency Communications Preparedness, b) First Amendment Protectors Program, c) Underwriting, and d) Onsite intervention training tailored to the specific station needs. In addition, NPM hosts the Annual Native Broadcast Summit featuring compliance workshops and the Andy Harvey Indigenous Broadcast and Journalism workshop for Arizona Native high school students.

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Emergency Communications Guidebook (ECG)

During emergencies, stations are the first responders for their tribal communities, providing critical

updates and news. Our ECG was created to develop and increase disaster literacy of stations.

First Amendment Protectors Project

This series of curricula and training will address emerging social, political, and cultural impacts to First Amendment rights, and how to protect and defend the sovereignty of Tribal communities.

Underwriting 101

This training will offer stations the basics of underwriting that can increase station revenue in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations.

Emergency Operations Plan Training

This training will provide a station with everything need to develop an Emergency Operations Plan to remain on air during times of disasters and crises. 

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