NPM is a national center dedicated to serving Native licensed broadcast facilities across the nation including stations that are commercial, non-commercial educational, Full power, low power, FM, AM, analog, and digital.  


Focusing on media access, control, and ownership, our Station Support Program (SSP)  provides Tribes with the technical assistance to secure a broadcast facility. Once on air, our support services aid with capacity building, compliance intervention services, digital literacy, emergency preparedness communications, and compliance support for the Community Service Grant (CSG) through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


 NPM provides system-wide training and education using its own published curriculum.  The training and education component consists of training in the following areas: Underwriting 101, Emergency Communications Preparedness, First Amendment Protectors, and Community Service Grant.

NPM also presents an annual report to Tribal Leaders at the National Congress of American Indians Annual Conferences.  The Native Radio Report includes an overview of the importance Native stations play in serving their communities, compliance requirements for stations and licensees, and suggestions on how community leaders can support stations as community assets and the stations’ compliance efforts.