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Loris A. Taylor



Loris has served as President/CEO of NPM since its inception.  Her leadership represents the media interests of Native Americans through journalism, public policies, and media technologies of radio, television, and Internet. The FCC Office of Native Affairs and Policy and FCC Tribal Priority for broadcast are among her many accomplishments.


Kyler Edsitty


Program Specialist

Kyler is a recent graduate from Northern Arizona University with degrees in Journalism and Women and Gender Studies. As the Program Specialist, Kyler manages the Station Support program providing service to 59 Native licensed radio stations and working directly with the Station Advisory Committee. 


Lorrance (Larry) Etcitty


Finance Director

Larry an accounting professional with 20 years of experience, received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Northern Arizona University. As Finance Director, Etcitty oversees NPM's finance department. He works with stations to meet the financial requirements of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Community Service Grant.  His service to station licensees and management includes onsite financial compliance intervention as well as financial training. 


Gaileen Keams


Administrative Assistant

Gaileen has over 10 years’ experience working in the administrative field.  As the Administrative Assistant, Gaileen will provide administrative support for senior staff, board and committees.

Melissa J. Begay


Operations Director

Melissa has over 15 years of administrative and training experience. As Operations Director, Begay oversees the daily operations of NPM including Human Resources, development, contracts, and program administration. She is also responsible for the training and education program that includes curriculum development, training of broadcast personnel, and training trainers.

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