Loris A. Taylor has served as President/CEO of NPM since its inception.  Her leadership represents the media interests of Native Americans through journalism, public policies, and media technologies of radio, television, and Internet. The FCC Office of Native Affairs and Policy and FCC Tribal Priority for broadcast are among her many accomplishments.



Kyle Darden is the Program Coordinator for NPM’s Station Support Program.  His primary responsibility is to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of services on behalf of the tribal broadcast network including non-financial station compliance, event planning, communications and marketing, and serving as support staff for the Station Advisory Committee.  With over seven years of prior experience, Darden also manages and coordinates data for NPM. 


Program Coordinator

Melissa J. Begay has over 15 years of administrative and training experience. As Operations Manager, Begay oversees the daily operations of NPM including Human Resources, contracts, develop-ment, and program administration. She is also responsible for the training and education program that includes curriculum development, training of broadcast personnel, and training trainers.


Operations Manager

Joseph Begay has over 20 years of financial management experience and expertise. As the Finance Director for NPM, Begay oversees the daily financial administration of the organization. He is also responsible for the financial compliance of radio stations in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) Community Service Grant (CSG) program.


Finance Director


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