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How to Complete the CSG Harassment Prevention Training Requirement

In order to certify for FY2019 CSG grants, each officer, employee and intern with your station will need to complete the Harassment Prevention Training, a new annual requirement for CSG stations that went into effect March 2018 by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) as a part of a larger effort to maintain safe and respectful workplaces. Objectives for the training include:


  • What constitutes acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior; 

  • How to recognize harassment when it occurs; and 

  • How to report and respond to violations. 

Stations can fulfill this requirement by one of the following ways:


  1. Complete the training through NAVEX Global, an interactive online harassment prevention training service made available free of charge through CPBStations can register through this Online Form on the CPB website, where they can request the appropriate number of licenses for each officer, employee and intern. CPB will then send directly to the contact person the NAVEX Global login and usage instructions, OR

  2. A comparable harassment prevention training program of your choice only if it instructs your personnel individually, either in person or online, on the three objectives notes above. For this option, you must keep records of all personnel who were trained each year to demonstrate compliance. NPM recommends including the Date of Training, Name, Title, and Employment/Intern Period.


This training must be complete no later than October 1, 2018 so your station can certify compliance in your station’s FY 2019 CSG Agreement. If your station has already completed this training, please confirm if complete through NAVEX Global or a comparable harassment prevention training program to Elyse at




How do I know if the training that my station employees have taken is the equivalent of the CPB-provided training? Also, will CPB review and approve comparable Harassment Prevention Training programs?

To be comparable to the CPB-provided training through NAVEX Global, the training for your grantee’s officers, employees and interns must cover the following objectives: 1) What constitutes acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior; 2) How to recognize harassment when it occurs; and 3) How to report and respond to violations. 


CPB will not evaluate alternative training programs. Station management will need to decide if the training you provide is comparable.


Will the CPB-provided training cover sexual harassment only, or other kinds of workplace harassment and bullying?

The training will address all forms of harassment.


Is the harassment prevention training requirement in lieu of the requirement that at least one person on our staff must annually complete at least one CPB-sponsored compliance training?

No. This training requirement is in addition to your annual CSG compliance training requirement.


More information and FAQs for this training can be found on the CPB website at You are also welcome to reach out to Elyse Dempsey at or 505.615.5754 with questions/ inquiries.

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