Spectrum based communications require access to spectrum.  Spectrum allocation and any rulemaking attached to it, is therefore the first critical step for making broadband deployment in Indian Country a reality.  The digital footprint of Indian Country is nearly invisible.  To overcome the vulnerability of Tribes that comes along with an information age driven by data, NPM has prioritized access to spectrum.  Without spectrum, a robust and healthy digital ecology in Indian Country is nothing more than a pipe dream.


FCC Tribal Priority Open for Applications
Wireless Bureau Announces Website on Rural Tribal Window and Mapping Tool


The Wireless Telecommunications Bureau issued a public notice on November 1, 2019, announcing the launch of a webpage that provides information about the rural tribal window the FCC established in July 2019, and will provide federally recognized tribal entities with an opportunity to apply for unassigned 2.5 GHz spectrum in what was formerly designated as the Educational Broadband Service. The FCC said the website provides access to a mapping tool used by tribal entities to help them assess whether and to what extent there is unassigned 2.5 GHz spectrum available over their eligible tribal lands. The mapping tool provides a high-level view of spectrum availability and allows users to link to the universal licensing system to confirm the exact amount of eligible spectrum available. The bureau also said the FCC is planning to host a workshop, tentatively scheduled for mid-December, to provide additional information.


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