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Native Public Media Invited to San Manuel Tribe's Yawa' Awards

HIGHLAND, CA – The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians held it’s 10th Annual Forging Hope Yawa’ Awards on March 15, 2018 at the San Manuel Casino and Native Public Media was invited.

The Yawa’ award is an encased Serrano gourd rattle that was created by San Manuel youth

The event honors exceptional nonprofits and tribal partners who exemplify Yawa’. Yawa’ is an ancient Serrano word that means “acting on one’s beliefs.”

“I was honored to represent Native Public Media at this year’s Yawa celebration. The work of the Yawa’ recipients is truly inspiring and life changing. NPM was funded by the San Manuel Tribe to provide

emergency communications training for broadcasters. Yawa is what we strive for ​​and it is wonderful to see other nonprofits recognized for the good work they do in the community,” stated Melissa Begay, NPM Operations Manager.

The 2018 Yawa’ recipients included:

  • Think Together in Inland Empire, California partners with schools to improve the odds for kids. They serve approximately 191,000 students at more than 500 sites in 47 school districts.

  • American Indian Changing Spirits in Long Beach, CA provides recovery programs for American Indians who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. The program is culturally relevant with community-based outreach and education.

  • Path of Life Ministries in Riverside, CA serves the homeless and underserved population with the goal to rescue, restore, and rebuild lives. The Employment Pipeline Program provides the necessary services for individuals struggling with homelessness to find employment through job assessment, job readiness training, and job placement assistance.

  • Americans for Indian Opportunity in Albuquerque, NM advances the right of Indigenous peoples through the growth of Indigenous value-based leadership.

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