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Harnessing Spectrum for Business

Flagstaff, AZ – Native Americans all across the country are harnessing spectrum and the diversity is growing. The New Mexico Community Capital is demonstrating the use of cloud-based tools and protocols that employ Indigenous methods to connect core values with business systems and processes. The New Mexico Community Capital is a Grow Google Partner and focused on developing an Indigenous entrepreneurial model.

Other online businesses are also beginning to sprout across Indian Country. Using tech tools, the Cheyenne River Youth Project is building an online presence for the next generation of entrepreneurs through internships and social enterprises. The project is led by Julie Garreau recognized as the Tim Wapato Public Advocate of the Year.

As more online businesses are growing, so is digital marketing. Red Circle, Badger PR, Awe Collective, and Creative + Cultural are just some of digital marketers interconnecting the public with media relations.

There are also more Native women in Technology serving in leadership positions. Kim Homolka, Sun'aq, is Vice President of the Koniag Corporation while Shannon Hulbert, Yurok, is CEO of Opus Interactive.

Governor Stephen Roe Lewis of the Gila River Indian Community presents at the Reservation Economic Summit (RES2020).

“As Tribes and tribal members continue to flex and leverage technology to optimize business performance, robust Tribal economies will flourish and increase the need for more spectrum. Tribes can currently apply for 2.5 GHz spectrum until the Federal Communications Commission closes the window August 3, 2020,” states Loris Taylor, President and CEO of Native Public Media.

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