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FCC to Consider NPM's Petition to Establish Missing and Endangered Persons Event Code


Native Public Media's campaign for the Federal Communications Commission to establish a Missing and Endangered Event Code is moving forward. The MEP Event Code will use the nation's Integrated Public Alert and Warning System to distribute messaging about missing or endangered individuals to the public, much like the Amber Alert.  

"This life-saving initiative will bolster efforts in alerting the public about missing and endangered native and indigenous persons, as well as other vulnerable groups. It will aid law enforcement and foster community engagement in locating these individuals," states Loris Taylor, sponsor of the resolution to establish the MEP Event Code. Taylor is the President and CEO of Native Public Media, a national center for Native radio and television broadcasters.

The MEP Event Code will address the critical gap in alerting regarding the alarming number of missing native and indigenous women whose cases often go unnoticed. Establishing a dedicated alert will ensure no missing or endangered person is overlooked.

"Violence against Native people is a crisis, and far too many families and communities have suffered as a result. The federal government must take more decisive action to properly notify their loved ones and locate these individuals to keep families together," said Senator Ben Ray Luján. "I'm glad the FCC is taking necessary steps to establish an alert code for missing and endangered persons that will broadcast critical information that could save lives and prevent more harm to Native communities and Tribal Nations."

The FCC Commissioners will consider approval of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking at their upcoming Open Meeting on March 14, 2024. The public is invited to provide feedback on the creation of the MEP Event Code following the NPRM's publication in the federal register. The NPRM also raises inquiries regarding the integration of the proposed MEP Event Code with the Wireless Emergency Alert System, which operates differently from the Emergency Alert System.

"I am urging all Tribal Leaders, families, and stakeholders to participate actively in the public comment process to ensure the effective implementation of the "Missing and Endangered Persons" Event Code. Together, we can strengthen alert systems and advance efforts to protect and support our families and communities," concludes Taylor.

For more information and to view the draft proposal, please visit


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