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KBFT Radio Prepares for Emergencies in Nett Lake, Minnesota

By Kyler Edsitty

[Nett Lake, MN, March 21, 2024]—In a proactive effort to fortify preparedness for potential emergencies, KBFT radio station in Nett Lake, Minnesota, participated in comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) training provided by Native Public Media. The initiative brought together the station’s staff members to refine response strategies and reinforce collaboration to develop an EOP for the radio station.

The training event unfolded against the backdrop of increasing recognition of the critical importance of effective emergency management in safeguarding communities. A cohesive, well-coordinated response is essential, with various potential threats looming, from natural disasters to public health crises.


“Emergency planning like this benefits KBFT and the entire community,” General Manager George Strong said. “The training revealed the preparation and coordination needed to respond to an emergency. Now, we will work towards developing emergency preparation efforts to make sure we can continue serving the community.”


The training began with identifying why a radio station needs an EOP. These tribal radio stations serve as first informers notifying their communities of news and emergencies. The need for the station to stay in operation during emergencies is critical. If disaster strikes the station, the station’s recovery and resuming operations are just as important.


Crucially, the event emphasized the importance of community involvement in emergency preparedness and response. The station identified potential partners in the community who can aid in these efforts. KBFT’s location within a school makes the inclusion of school officials and law enforcement critical.


KBFT also identified areas for improvement and fine-tuned existing protocols. The KBFT staff audited the station’s emergency protocols and internal processes that aid emergency response by completing the capabilities assessment. This led to creating a work plan to correct or develop capabilities that don’t exist yet.


The KBFT staff also assessed their location and identified hazards that could affect station operations. Nett Lake, nestled on the Bois Fort Reservation in northern Minnesota, brings seasonal concerns of winter storms and wildfires. The training provided information on preparing and responding to these emergencies through coordination with local partners.


According to Strong, the station is committed to building on the momentum generated by the training event. Plans are underway to develop their EOP to strengthen preparedness across Nett Lake further. He believes that as Tribal communities around the country confront an increasingly complex array of challenges, proactive measures like the EOP training serve as a testament to the power of collaboration, preparedness, and resilience in safeguarding against adversity.




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