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KLND Radio Prioritizes Emergency Readiness for Rural South Dakota

By Kyler Edsitty

[McLaughlin, SD, October 26, 2023] – To enhance its commitment to community safety and resilience, KLND Radio, a prominent radio station in McLaughlin, SD, has embarked on a comprehensive training session to develop its Emergency Operations Plan (EOP). The move is part of a proactive approach to ensure that the station can effectively prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from potential crises and play a pivotal role in disseminating critical information to the community.

KLND is working closely with emergency management professionals to assess its existing emergency operations plan. Updating the station’s plan will involve reviewing emergency alert dissemination procedures, coordinating with local authorities, and ensuring staff are well-prepared to respond.

The KLND team, from on-air talent to behind-the-scenes personnel, will create training sessions to understand their roles and responsibilities during emergencies. This training will cover evacuation procedures, communication protocols, and hazard-specific emergency plans.

The station will conduct regular emergency response drills and simulations to ensure staff can implement the EOP effectively. These exercises will help identify areas that need further improvement.

KLND Radio's Station Manager, John BraveBull, expressed his dedication to this initiative.“The EOP training did three things for KLND,” BraveBull said. “First, it brought our team together outside of work and showed each other the dedication we all have for the station. Second, it pointed out some serious issues we needed to address. Third, it helped us put plans in place to correct these issues.”

Across Indian Country, Tribal communities face many human-made and natural disasters and serve as first informers in their area. KLND Radio recognizes its vital role in keeping residents of the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Nations informed during such times. It is investing in its ability to do so effectively. The radio station is committed to making its EOP more robust and aligning with the latest best practices.

Native Public Media (NPM) developed the EOP curriculum. Founded in 2004, NPM provides support and training opportunities to its network of over 60 Tribal radio stations and three television stations. The EOP training program includes a guide for developing an EOP committee, a capabilities assessment, a threat and risk assessment, and templates for creating a community-based EOP.

The McLaughlin community can rest assured that KLND Radio is taking significant steps to ensure it remains a reliable source of information and support during times of crisis. The station's commitment to community safety and EOP strengthens McLaughlin’s readiness for future emergencies.


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