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KUYI Radio Receives Vital Underwriting Training

By Kyler Edsitty

[Kykotsmovi AZ, June 28] - During the COVID-19 pandemic, many Tribal non-commercial radio stations experienced hardships in generating revenue through Underwriting. Underwriting is a crucial funding source for Native-owned radio stations, enabling them to sustain their operations and programming through on-air recognition of local businesses and organizations. Even in difficult times, Tribal stations aired life-saving information about the virus, vaccine availability, and testing sites.

Native Public Media (NPM), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Tribal radio and television stations, visited KUYI radio, a respected radio station on the Hopi Reservation, to deliver comprehensive Underwriting training. The training provided by NPM enhances KUYI radio's capacity to secure Underwriting support from local businesses and community organizations. The customized curriculum covered various topics, including identifying potential Underwriters, creating effective sponsorship messages, and building strong relationships with sponsors.

“The collaboration between NPM and KUYI Radio demonstrates a commitment to fostering Native American voices, empowering community broadcast, and ensuring long-term sustainability. By equipping KUYI Radio with Underwriting skills, Native Public Media creates a thriving media ecosystem that uplifts Native American communities and amplifies their stories,” stated KUYI Licensee and Executive Director Monica Nuvamsa.

KUYI Radio, based in the Hopi community and established in December 2000, has been a vital source of information, culture, and emergency alerts for nearly twenty thousand Hopi and Navajo residents across the reservation. The station strives to promote Indigenous voices, facilitate Hopi language revitalization, and provide content reflecting the Hopi people's heritage and perspectives.

The Underwriting training and the regulations that come with it was extremely easy to understand as someone new to radio,” said KUYI Co-Station Manager Theresa Lucero. “KUYI plans to implement this training by reaching out to more local businesses, secure Underwriters and continue training new staff so everyone is on the same page.”



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