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Underwriting Training Sparks Revenue Generation for Leech Lake Tribal Radio Station

By Kyler Edsitty

Cass Lake, MN, July 14, 2023 – Across Indian Country, numerous Tribal noncommercial radio stations face challenges in generating revenue through Underwriting, hindering their ability to expand capacity, acquire new equipment, and meet regulatory compliance. This revenue is critical for these public radio stations to continue broadcasting vital local news, emergency messages, and culturally significant programming. Native Public Media (NPM) provided comprehensive Underwriting training to the staff at KOJB Radio, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to engage with local businesses and organizations, craft effective Underwriting scripts, and foster long-term relationships with Underwriters.

KOJB Radio is a beloved community radio station in Cass Lake, Minnesota, proudly serving the Leech Lake Reservation. Demonstrating a steadfast commitment, KOJB broadcasts content that genuinely reflects the voices and experiences of the local Tribal community. The Underwriting training was a significant milestone in KOJB Radio's journey to unlock new avenues of financial support and solidify its position as a platform for Native American expression.

"Native Public Media's Underwriting training was incredibly valuable, especially as a new station manager," remarked Chris Bedeau, KOJB Station Manager. "The additional revenue generated will allow us to produce new and diverse programming while continuing to serve our vibrant communities."

As an essential aspect of noncommercial broadcasting sustainability, Underwriting facilitates connections between organizations, businesses, and their target audience. Local businesses showcase their financial support to noncommercial broadcast stations and inform the community about their offerings. By recognizing contributions on-air, these noncommercial stations can boost revenue to further their mission. NPM's Underwriting 101 training is designed to ensure Tribal stations understand the nuances between Underwriting and advertising, learn how to craft compelling Underwriting announcements and develop robust Underwriting policies.

According to NPM President and CEO Loris Taylor, the mission of KOJB Radio, centered on uplifting Native American voices and promoting cultural preservation, aligns harmoniously with NPM's overarching vision of empowering Indigenous media. "The Underwriting training represents a shared commitment between KOJB and NPM to ensuring that Native American stories and perspectives receive the visibility and recognition they genuinely deserve rooted in strong local support."


Native Public Media (NPM) is a non-profit organization established in 2004, committed to advancing the self-determination of Indigenous peoples through media access, storytelling, and ownership. With its comprehensive Training and Education Program, NPM empowers Native radio and television broadcast networks, strengthening their ability to serve the public with confidence and success.


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