• Joseph_begay_and_romaine_wood

    Radio is a Lifeline for Emergencies

    In times of natural and manmade disasters, Native radio is there to provide life-saving information.

  • Richard_davis_interviewing_joe_garcia

    Radio is a Lifeline for Tribal Languages

    In a time when tribal languages are facing extinction, Native radio stations provide the only on-air Native language programming helping to keep tribal languages and cultures alive and strong.

  • Candicemendezatknau

    Radio is a Lifeline for Health, Economic & Local News

    In a time when Native people need daily information upon which to make important decisions, Native radio is there to provide local and community news and connects our communities to the outside world.

  • Nv_future

    Radio is a Lifeline for Electoral Participation

    In a time when Native representation is important to protecting our people, lands and resources, Native radio provides timely and critical information about local, state and federal elections and ballots.

Our Voices-Our Stories-Our Network

Radio is a lifeline for emergencies, tribal languages, health and economic news, and electoral participation across Indian Country.

Our name "Native Public Media" reflects the organization’s explicit vision to empower Native people across the United States to participate actively in all forms of media and to do it on our own terms. Media has a vital role to play in supporting tribal economic and community development and is tied directly to the Nation building efforts of sovereign Tribes.


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