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Short Film Featuring KSUT Wins at 2018 Santa Fe Film Festival

Pictured (L-R) Filmmaker Sean Owen; KSUT Staff, Mike Santistevan, Sheila Nanaeto & Tami Graham

SANTA FE, NM - The film "Tribal Radio" won Best Native American Documentary at the 2018 Santa Fe Film Festival.

Independent filmmaker Sean Wilder Owen collaborated with KSUT located in Ignacio, CO to highlight the importance of Native broadcasting stations that serve as lifelines for their communities. These communities are often located in rural areas where other technologies may not be available. As first responders, broadcasting stations

provide local news and information,

particularly in times of emergency.

'“Tribal Radio” tells the story of the KSUT radio station that is located, in the four corners region, on the Southern Ute reservation in Ignacio, Colorado. Through glimpses into the operations of KSUT tribal radio and its unique connection to the community, tribal activities, and ceremonies (like the Bear Dance and Sundance) it shows the value of Native stations throughout the country. Connecting the announcements and programs to the actual events through video “Tribal Radio” reveals the importance of KSUT to its listeners," states Owen (source:

Public screenings are tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2018 in the Four-Corners area and at the 2018 Native Broadcast Summit hosted by Native Public Media.

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