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Sage Bond to Rock 2018 Native Broadcast Summit

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Sage Bond started singing around 8th grade. Since then, Sage’s Janis Joplin like raspy voice and songwriting has made her a rising star. Her range of music includes rock and roll to songs from metal or blues bands. This year, Sage will grace the stage during the 2018 Native Broadcast Summit, playing in front of radio and television station managers who are always on the hunt for Native talent they can play on the air for audiences across Indian Country and the globe through streaming.

Sage comes from a family of musicians. Her father and grandfather both play guitar and her mother sings. Growing up and living on the Navajo reservation has provided Sage with an infinite number of experiences and topics to write songs about. She is an all-around young artist who has already experienced grueling and competitive auditions for both “The Voice” and “American Idol.”

Usually it is just Sage on stage with her guitar. Sage will often sing her own songs along with cover songs from other bands. But it’s Sage’s unique voice, hitting both the lowest to high notes that grabs the attention of concert goers; and now perhaps a larger audience over broadcast. Her new CD “Prisoner” was released just this month.

“We headline Native musicians at our annual Native Broadcast Summit to have them connect directly with radio and television executives that serve Indian Country. With 57 radio stations and 4 television stations, it’s an opportunity for Native artists to get their songs on the air-waves as well as our stations to meet artists from our own Tribal communities that often don’t get any airplay on mainstream media,” states Joaqlin Estus, NPM Board Member.

Sage will take the stage during the May 23, 2018 Banquet and Cultural Night at the Gila River Hotel and Casino where the Native Broadcast Summit is being held.

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