Educational Communications and Telecommunications Pipelines for Indian Country

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – During the October 5, 2018 meeting of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, Loris Taylor, President and CEO of Native Public Media provided arguments for the support of educational pipelines into the fields of communications and telecommunications for Native Americans.

“Getting our youth educated about communications and telecommunications is part of nation building across Indian Country. Understanding how technology has changed and will continue to change the world, is critically important to how we educate our youth today for jobs that may not even exist yet,” explains Taylor.

Taylor’s presentation centered on three technological drivers that she says require more attention across various sectors. They include the ever-changing social learning platforms, personal informatics, and instant information retrieval. Taylor described Internet based social learning platforms like Distance Learning becoming a “many-to-many” model, whereas in the past, learning environments focused on the “one- to- many” model or teacher to student ratios. Technology has also moved education beyond bricks and mortar and now Tribal colleges are offering classes nationwide with instructors located in various parts of the country.