Blog: Being A Founder

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – What exactly does it mean to be a founder? For me, it has been about becoming comfortable with the unknown. I am not an expert on founding new companies or endeavors. But I’ve always been comfortable with my own confidence because basically, you will never know enough about starting a new nonprofit, a new organization, or new venture.

One thing I know for sure is that helping to get KUYI Hopi Radio on the air, getting the Hopi Education Endowment Fund started, or proposing that the Hopi Junior-Senior High School establish a radio/journalism class, was always about other people. Once you realize this, it is both humbling and confidence boosting.

I’ve also learned that if you have a wild idea, and if it is a high value proposition, it just might fly. When Barbara Poley and I started our first endowments under the Hopi Foundation for the Barbara Chester Award and General Operations, we had two markers of success under our belt. These were not huge endowments, but we knew how to set them up. So when Chairman Taylor of the Hopi Tribe starting talking about solutions for greater educational outcomes, both Barbara and I thought an en