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The NPM and NAB Partnership

LAS VEGAS, NV – Over 100,000 broadcasters, engineers, journalists, and media makers attended the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada April 5—11, 2019. Among those attending NAB were a handful of Native television and radio broadcasters.

Reporting for FNX at NAB 2019

NAB is the most prominent advocate for commercial TV and radio stations, and broadcast networks in the country. Native Public Media advocates for local commercial and non-commercial Tribal TV and radio stations and media makers across Indian Country.

“With the adoption of the FCC Tribal Priority for Broadcast in 2010, we are seeing an increase in commercial stations licensed to Tribes and Tribal entities,” states Loris Taylor, President and CEO of Native Public Media.

NPM and NAB have partnered on various initiatives the past few years. More recently, NPM worked with NAB on developing resources for broadcast newsrooms to raise awareness in reporting. Taylor who feels that current environments across the country are witnessing an increase in tensions on issues of race and religion said two separate toolkits were developed for reporting on race and reporting on religion.

NPM and NAB are also collaborating on Television Repack public outreach. With some TV stations and translators moving to new frequencies, viewers are instructed to rescan their favorite TV channels between 2018 and 2020 because stations are required to move at different times. NPM is also tracking Native TV stations impacted by the Repack. So far, two Native stations are effected. One moved to a new channel, and the other must move its translator.

Loris A. Taylor reports at NAB 2019

Taylor is also the first Native American to serve on NAB’s Crystal Awards Academy and during NAB 2019, ten stations were recognized for their exemplary contributions to local communities.

“NPM and NAB will continue to work together to increase broadcast ownership for women, Native Americans, and other people of color. NPM is also raising awareness among Native broadcasters about training and education opportunities offered at the annual NAB convention and through the NAB Leadership Foundation. We enjoy working together on mutual goals,” concludes Taylor.

More information on the reporting on race or reporting on religion toolkits can be found here:

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