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Igniting Positive Action

Malibu, CA - There is no argument that society at-large suffers from all kinds of issues including those that are dark and difficult to comprehend like the interrelated issues of missing and murdered indigenous women, child molestation, human trafficking, and sexual assault.

A small group of media activists met at the Creative Visions Foundation seeking ways to inspire individuals who use or create media and the arts to create an awareness of crucial and pressing issues. Lawyer and former gymnast, Rachel Denhollander, shared her story as being the first victim to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual assault and talked about how important it continues to be for creative activists and others to join forces against issues of sexual assault. Nassar was a former Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics doctor.

“Mapping community assets is important to igniting positive action. Government, private, and public sector allies can help the efforts of media activists against human trafficking which contributes to missing and murdered indigenous women,” states Loris Taylor, President and CEO of Native Public Media, referencing the actions of corporate giants Delta Airlines, the Marriott, and United Parcel Service to train their employees about human trafficking.

According to Taylor, building and sustaining a community safety net requires participation and investment from a network of diverse interests. “It’s easy to do triage but providing actionable solutions to difficult and complex issues will require all kinds of expertise, including media on a sustained basis. Just knowing more about an issue is powerful.”

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