The President’s Budget Eliminates Federal Funding for Public Media

The President’s budget submission to Congress marks the official start of the congressional budget and appropriations process, so it’s important that lawmakers hear from a significant number of constituents now.

Today, we will activate Protect My Public Media’s grassroots advocates, asking them to contact their lawmakers in support of public media funding.

Here’s how we will be activating our network:

  • Advocates who have taken recent action will be asked to call their legislators.

  • Advocates who have not taken recent action will be asked to email their legislators. Once they act, we will request that they call their Members.

  • Existing and prospective advocates will be targeted through digital ads to take a variety of different actions.

  • Advocates can also sign a petition by texting PUBLIC MEDIA to 52886.

We will strongly encourage advocates to conduct outreach for at least 10 days.


This could be the biggest national threat that public media faces this year. We urge you to send your audiences to the campaign to act.