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FCC Seeks Nominations for Tribal Members of its Native Nations Communications Task Force

Greetings from the Federal Communications Commission’s Office of Native Affairs and Policy.

The Commission is currently seeking Tribal nominations to fill three vacancies on the Native Nations Communications Task Force (“Task Force”). The Task Force’s mission is to make recommendations to the Commission on communications-related issues that affect Tribal interests, including, among other things, the availability of communications facilities and broadband services on Tribal lands. Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel recently extended the current term of the Task Force from October 24, 2021 to October 24, 2022.

Applications must be submitted in accordance with the eligibility and filing procedures outlined below and in the attached Public Notice. Members selected to fill the vacancies will serve through the end of the Task Force’s current term. Nominations for membership must be received by the FCC no later than August 27, 2021.

All applicants must be elected leaders from federally recognized Tribal governments or governmental entities or designated employees with authority to act on the leaders’ behalf. In the case of a person seeking to serve as a “designated employee,” the application must also identify by name and position the elected Tribal leader on whose behalf the employee would be acting and must include a letter from that leader designating the applicant to represent them on the Task Force. The designated employee’s experience and qualifications should be commensurate with the functions of the Task Force, and not ministerial.

There is no specific nomination form required; however, each nomination must include the following information: name and position of the applicant with respect to a Tribal government; telephone number; mailing address and/or email address; and a brief description of the nominee’s area(s) of expertise and qualifications to serve on the Task Force. All nominations, including the requisite statements listed above, should be submitted by email to

If you have any questions about the nomination procedures, please contact Janet Sievert at (202) 418-1362 (voice) or

Matthew Duchesne

Chief, Office of Native Affairs and Policy

Federal Communications Commission



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