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Honor Statement for Joseph Garcia, Ohkay Owingeh NPM Advisor and Mentor

By Loris Taylor, President & CEO, Native Public Media

Joseph Garcia was a remarkable individual who embodied the true spirit of a statesman for Indian Country. With unwavering dedication, he tirelessly advocated for the rights and well-being of indigenous communities, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of tribal affairs. Joseph's profound impact extended beyond his role as an advisor on broadband. He was an exemplary mentor, shaping the lives of countless individuals who crossed his path.

Joseph Garcia was a beacon of hope and progress, fearlessly championing the cause of digital connectivity in Indian Country. Recognizing the transformative potential of broadband access, he labored tirelessly to bridge the digital divide that hindered the development and empowerment of indigenous communities. Joseph's vision and expertise in this field were unparalleled, and his relentless efforts propelled numerous tribes toward economic growth, educational advancement, and cultural preservation. Through his guidance and unwavering commitment, he sparked a digital revolution that will continue to benefit future generations.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Joseph Garcia was a mentor rooted deeply in culture and prayer. He understood the profound impact that cultural guidance and support can have on the lives of others, including mine. Joseph selflessly shared his wisdom, nurturing the talents of emerging leaders within Indian Country. His mentorship instilled the values of integrity, perseverance, and compassion, inspiring a new generation of advocates and statesmen who will carry forth his legacy. His unwavering principles, unyielding dedication, and deep love for his community defined Joseph's character.

At Native Public Media, we are grateful for the privilege of having known Joseph and for his immeasurable impact on our lives. Joseph's legacy will forever serve as a guiding light, inspiring us to continue the noble pursuit of his vision, to work tirelessly toward a future where all tribal nations thrive, and to ensure that his principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and empowerment remain at the forefront of our endeavors. May his spirit guide and inspire us as we strive to build a better future for Indian Country and beyond. Tawa’eh


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