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Native Public Media Statement Gigi Sohn

We are disappointed that Gigi Sohn has withdrawn her candidacy for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioner under the Biden administration. Sohn, a renowned advocate for net neutrality and digital privacy, would have been an excellent choice to help steer the FCC in the right direction.

Sohn's decades of experience as a public interest advocate, senior government official, and technology policy expert made her uniquely qualified for the position. Her appointment would have brought much-needed expertise and leadership to the FCC, which plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the internet and telecommunications in the United States.

The withdrawal of Sohn's nomination is a loss for all Americans, including Tribes, who care about the free and open internet. We urge the Biden administration to nominate another candidate with a similar commitment to consumer protection and digital equity.

We thank Gigi Sohn for her tireless work as a people’s advocate and wish her all the best in future endeavors.

Photo by: Pete Marovich for The New York Times via AP, Pool


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