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Native Public Media Welcomes New FCC Native Affairs and Policy Chief

Native Public Media is pleased that Bambi Kraus will join the Federal Communications Commission as the new Chief of the FCC Office of Native Affairs and Policy. We look forward to working with Chief Kraus and supporting her administration in leading meaningful Tribal consultations on the following issues.

1. Mapping: ONAP will provide technical assistance to ensure all Tribal Nations have the support they need to participate in the agency's ongoing broadband data collection effort and expand the accuracy of the FCC's broadband availability maps.

2. Access: ONAP will lead a Tribal Nation engagement strategy to connect Tribal

libraries through the agency's E-rate program.

3. Affordability: ONAP will continue to work closely with Indian Country to promote

the Affordable Connectivity Program and its enhanced Tribal benefit.

4. Sustainability: ONAP's Native Nations Taskforce will work to develop a framework

for long-term telecommunications infrastructure sustainability.

Chief Kraus’s experience in emergency management will be essential to Tribal communities in addressing the consequences of climate change and other emergencies and disasters.

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