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KUYI Hopi Radio Develops Strong CSG Compliance Understanding

KYKOTSMOVI, AZ – Since hitting the airwaves in 2000, KUYI has gone through many changes like most stations in regards to programming and management. Today, the team at KUYI is finding footing together, and in the beginning stages of a new fundraising marketing plan that centers on community engagement including a concert series and youth volunteer program. The station’s temporary office is one room with limited space, but that isn’t a challenge for the folks of KUYI who simply love their work.

Sharing on the future of the station, Development and Marketing Coordinator Jennifer Himel states, “We are looking to appeal to a variety of groups that listen to our radio station. It's not changing, it's just marketing our retro vibe to remind our listeners all across Hopi that it's cool to support KUYI. At the end of this month, we are starting a new cycle of volunteer training for potential DJs that includes a variety of local programs from our police to our teachers and even fitness trainers from the gym. We are also debuting new merchandise and we are actively involved with creating content for our Facebook page by showing our listeners that we have fun doing what we do as a public radio station. All of this is in hopes that we'll gain enough community support to be able to throw a concert around harvest time.”

Photo credit: The Hopi Foundation

Vast and sandy mesas surround the KUYI Hopi radio station where six passionate and dedicated broadcast professionals joined Native Public Media staff for comprehensive training on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Community Service Grant requirements and underwriting. Elyse Dempsey and Joseph Begay provide customized training for Native stations that supports professional development and encourages a shared responsibility among station staff to maintain compliance with funding requirements. The training, for example, teaches station personnel step-by-step information to complete required website updates with the goal of providing transparency to the communities that Native stations serve.

"NPM's valuable training allows KUYI Hopi Radio Station staff exposure at all levels to station operation procedures, underwriting and financial management. This exposure allows the entire station staff to comprehend the big picture so they can be effectively involved in the overall operation. Training allows all staff to not only understand their role, but serve in other capacities in a well-oiled, fully functioning, effective team,” states Andrew Qumyintewa, Acting KUYI Station Manager.

“The opportunities we have with deeply committed individuals who love Native community radio is energizing. KUYI is no exception. The potential for where the station is planning to go is limitless because of the synergy you can feel just walking into the station and being greeted by a united team. NPM is honored to a part of the station’s growth through training, which will add to the already strong operations,” concludes Dempsey.

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