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Native Public Media is proud to host the sole gathering of Native broadcast professionals and media creators serving Indian Country.  Through peer learning and customized training, a major goal of the Summit is to expand the capacity and operations of stations, and support the sustainability of Native media throughout Indian Country.

Who attended the 2019 Summit?

One of NPM's greatest hopes is that old and new members of the Native broadcasting network have an opportunity to connect. Did you make a good connection, but left without contact information? Did you miss the 2019 Summit? We have you covered! 

Presentations & Materials

Cultivating a Citizen-Based News Ecosystem:  A Case Study of NAU's Media Justice Project

Jiun-Yi Tsai

Empowering Free Press in Indian Country: The NAJA Red Press Initiative

Rebecca Landsberry

  90 Phones, 90 Tools, 90 Minutes: AmplifyYour Content, Revenue, Engagement & Capacity in 2019

Ernesto Aguilar

IDSS and the Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Program

Brian Brashier

Tony Merriman

Ken Waters

Face-to-Face with Facebook

Adrienne Luis


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